We're Michelle and Ashley - co-founders of InWella. We get that you want to live your healthiest, best life - pain free, med-free, and full of energy-we know because, it's our goal too!


In order to do that, one thing is crystal clear: You need to accurately interpret your body's cries for help so you know how customize the best plan to feel better, reverse symptoms, look younger, and age beautifully.


Even though your body is doing its best to compensate, it sends subtle clues through symptoms and less-than-optimal blood markers. These clues are missed by most doctors because they're looking for "abnormal", when their "normal" is ever-increasing chronic symptoms. 
We believe that aging shouldn’t automatically come with declining energy, hormonal struggles, extra weight that won't seem to budge, and declining health. 
And we totally have felt the frustration of going to multiple doctors, Naturopaths, even specialists only to be told you’re “normal,” when you know that you’re not (and let’s face it - you know you better than anyone).
And if you're anything like us, you would like to avoid unnecessary medications that come with a host of side effects - and do all you can naturally to support your body so it can balance itself like it's designed to.
BUT, you've been around long enough to know that reversing all your symptoms isn't as simple as the Whole 30 diet and Peloton six days a week. And let's be honest, even if it was 'enough', it's certainly not sustainable.
InWella is the Gold Standard in private, customized health coaching.


We help you fill the huge gap between "feeling off" and your doctor telling you that you're "normal".
Our proprietary, holistic program uses functional blood work, hormone tests, specialized diets, exercise advice, even novel stress reduction techniques, all while you and your Practitioner get to the root cause of your symptoms.
Over the years, we've helped thousands of women improve their health and lives (and we've helped ourselves, too!).


It's easier than you think, here's how: 
1) You Schedule a Free Consultation, 
2) You Join & Meet Your Designated Practitioner, and 
3) You Get Your Health Back
And it really is that simple, because we put our decades of experience to work for you immediately and begin customizing your unique program.
But before that can happen, you need to get your questions answered - to share with us what you're struggling with and see if we're the right Guide to help you get your health back. At the very least, we'll shed some insights on how you can move forward with your health, even it it's not with us (and if we're not a fit, we can send you to someone who is!)
So, pick a time that’s convenient for a quick chat - coffee mugs and pets welcome. 


In the meantime, download our guide, Five Reasons You Don’t Feel Well and the blood work that reveals why, but your doctor isn’t running.


That little gem can put you on a path to getting some answers while empowering you at the same time.


We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

Michelle & Ashley

Meet Team InWella

Women helping women experience vibrant health.

Michelle Herzog, CNT, FBCA

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Michelle is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Functional Blood Work Specialist, and has been working with clients since 2005. Her background includes Veterinary Medicine at OSU, Health Research, and National Level bodybuilding competition.

She's a Northwest Native, lives with her husband and last of five kids, two dogs, and four horses.

Ashley Smith, FNTP, FBCA

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Ashley is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Functional Blood Work Specialist whose passion is wellness through nourishment, self-love, and forgiveness - with a specialty in women's hormones.

Residing in Northern California, you're likely to find Ashley perusing local farmers' markets, hiking in the redwoods, or relaxing by the ocean.

Lisa Inman, INHC, CLC, FBCA

InWella Practitioner

Lisa is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Functional Blood Work Specialist, and Life Coach. Her passion is guiding women to thrive in body, mind, and spirit. You're likely to find her engaged in deep conversation with a matcha latte in hand, laughing at her own jokes after wandering a trail or hanging lakeside.

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