Normal Blood Work Isn't Always Healthy

Feb 20, 2024


Even if you were told your last blood work was ‘normal’, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy.


Normal blood work can hide red flags that can lead to future health issues and explain current symptoms.


Now, why would you be told it’s normal, if there are actually red flags? Because when it comes to getting insights on health through blood work, there can be a huge difference between "optimal" and "standard" results. 


In conventional medicine, bloodwork ranges are designed to detect significant malfunction, diseases, or illnesses that may already be present - like finding the raging fires, not the embers that lead to them. 


Standard ranges for most tests represent what's typical for the general population - collectively both healthy and unhealthy people, or ‘normal'. If your results fall within these standard ranges, it means you're what's considered normal. 


Great. No raging fire. But that’s just step one. 


Step two is to look for embers that lead to a raging fire


For example, TSH is a hormone that comes from the brain, giving the thyroid instructions to either make more or less thyroid hormone. The standard (normal) range is 0.40 - 4.5 μU/ml - a very wide range, indeed. Especially given that the optimal range is 1.0 - 2.0 μU/ml!


So, what if your result was 4.0 μU/ml? Definitely within standard, or normal range - but well above what’s considered optimal. Not a raging fire yet, but a fire, nonetheless. 


Rather than being lulled into thinking there aren’t any warning signs in your ‘normal’ results, use optimal ranges to see if you uncover any (find any embers!). This is exactly what a proactive approach to health looks like. 


Then, a holistic approach (diet, movement, supplemental support, mindset, etc.) can help you get to optimal if you’re on the high or low end of a wide standard range - putting out those embers!


You’re likely still reading because, like us, you aim to be more than just normal. You aim for optimal, which means more than just the absence of illness; it means thriving so you can really show up in all aspects of life.


Using optimal ranges as a guide is a powerful tool for wellness and helps to identify areas that may need attention … before illness or disease develops. 


When you dig a bit deeper, you’ll feel empowered. You’ll take control of your health in a way that helps you unlock your full potential. 


Whether it's optimizing nutrient levels, balancing hormones, or supporting overall vitality, (yes, there are optimal ranges in each of these areas!), we at InWella are here to guide you along your unique journey to vibrant health.


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