Don't Wait For Motivation to Change - That Moment May Never Come

Jun 02, 2024


"Don’t wait for motivation to change; that moment may never come, and waiting only perpetuates what you want to change in the first place."

Change is often accompanied by a sense of hesitation or fear of the unknown. We wait for the perfect moment or for inspiration to strike, thinking that we need to feel ready before we take the first step. 


However, the truth is that waiting for the right feeling can keep us stuck in our old patterns. 


Instead of waiting for motivation, what if we simply decided to make the change? The decision itself can be the catalyst for transformation.


Making a change doesn’t require a grand gesture or an intense burst of inspiration. It starts with a simple decision and a shift of focus—a commitment to move forward. 


By deciding to change, the shift in our mindset opens us up to new possibilities. 


This proactive approach empowers us to take control of our lives. Each step we make then, no matter how small, builds momentum and brings us closer to the life we envision.


Feelings - the motivation - often follow actions. And actions are taken from decision.


By taking the initial step to DECIDE, we can create the motivation we thought we needed to begin.


When we act on the decision, the sense of accomplishment and progress fuels our drive, making it easier to continue on our path. 


So, don’t wait for the perfect moment or for the feeling to strike. Today, right now, decide to make a change. Shift your focus. Then watch as your actions pave the way for the life you want to lead.



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